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It offers better plan flexibility when it comes to basic plans and you save more on the premium plans with more features. If you compare the prices of premium plans of the two apps, you will find Xnspy better than mSpy. You will see a diversity of features in both these spying apps.

When we compared their features, most of them overlapped each other, especially the standard ones. The difference, however, is made by some of the premium features. Here is a features comparison of the two apps.

How to Install mSpy on Android Phone or Tablet

As aforementioned, mSpy has a similar set of standard features to Xnspy. For example, in its basic version, mSpy does not offer access to any of the social media messengers or their data.

How do You install mSpy on the Android phone of your child

But this is the only take away from the basic packages comparison. Now comes the most interesting section of the comparison. The premium features of these apps are actually the reason why most of the users subscribe to them. They are the ones that make the difference.

So how are these two apps different in terms of advanced surveillance? Xnspy beats mSpy in the number and quality of premium features. While both the Android spying apps display almost the same number of standard features, Xnspy has the clear advantage when it comes to the premium features with its Watchlist and remote monitoring capabilities. Device Wipeout, Device Locking.

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  • Watchlist Alerts YES NO Verdict: After a thorough comparison, the two spying applications have a number of features displaying homogeneity and heterogeneity at the same time. But Xnspy takes the lead where it matters the most. In terms of price, it is cheaper. In terms of compatibility, Xnspy is better compatible with the latest mobile operating systems than mSpy. And finally, we find that Xnspy has a much better mix of standard and advanced features than its rival. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    Snapchat Spy: Why it is needed?

    Learn how your comment data is processed. Did you know there are some apps that capture these images? Kids can sometimes be persuaded into sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves or friends. This can lead to bullying or worse so check up on a Snapchat account with mSpy and see what they really get up to. Skype Conversations: Popular among gamers, Skype is a video chat program that allows users to talk over the internet.

    How Do You Install mSpy on the Android Phone of Your Child

    View Text Messages: the advanced keylogging tool records what a user types in and this includes SMS messaging. View photos and videos on the target phone. Teenagers often have messaging limits on their monthly or PAYG plans so they use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their friends.

    Group messaging can cause divides within friends — if you feel WhatsApp is causing problems, you can view all access areas of this app including voice messaging and location sharing. This powerful tool enables to you to see where the person has gone, the route they travelled and times. If you require undeniable proof that someone was at a particular place at a certain time then use mSpy — it works flawlessly for phone location tracking. Read Emails: This is perfect for monitoring staff — worried that your trade secrets are getting sold on?

    mSpy Review from a Real User 12222

    Or for parents, the constant emails between two people can often lead to online grooming issues. The problem is that as parents is hard to check the online activity of our kids when they use a phone. If you can access emails you can see who they are talking too and at what time. Our recommended program, mSpyapp displays all emails from every provider such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail so you can find out if there are multiple instances of one email address on show.

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    Check Web Browsing History: Adult and gambling websites often provide mobile versions which are incredibly difficult to restrict. If your son or daughter is using Chrome, Explorer, Safari or any other web browser you can check all the websites they logged on to using mSpy. With multi-lingual support, brilliant customer service and a top-notch product we are confident you will find mSpy the best software app on the market.